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By Henry Warner 18 Apr, 2017

Windows are a pivotal point of your home. They allow the light in to brighten up the home and allow you to view the beautiful surroundings outside. They can also let in the heat of the sun or even the cold of the winter if they are not the right type of window. When you’re considering new windows for your home, there are a few things you should be aware. Look at these four things you need to know before you purchase new windows for your home.

Know the Type of Window

Do you plan to do any outdoor reconstruction to your home such as redoing the stucco? If so there is a type of window you should buy. You should get consider getting replacement or new construction windows. Because these types of windows will damage the stucco around the area where your windows are, this is something you want to choose only if you’re planning to do updates.

If you’re not going to update the stucco or frame areas around the outside of your home, choose to get retro-fit windows. These windows use the frame that is already in place and will not damage the areas around the window setting.

Glass Options

There are many options for the glass of your windows these days. Dual layer or single layer is one of the first choices. Dual-pane, or double-pane, windows will help to insulate your home more than a single pane of glass will. Double pane windows will cost a little more so be prepared for that.

You can also choose to have an argon gas layer between the panes of the windows so that you can increase your energy savings. There’s also an option that is low-maintenance and one called low-e that helps to block the heat and rays from the sun while keeping the light in your home.

Choose the Frame

If you’re going to replace your window frame you have options there as well. Most people choose vinyl for their window frame these days but there’s also a variety of fiberglass, aluminum, and wood to choose from as well.

Know the Warranty

You may hear “lifetime” warranty on your windows when talking with you contractor. This “lifetime” may mean something different to you and the manufacturer. Be sure you understand the ins and outs of the warranty before choosing your company and windows.

If you’re looking to get your windows replaced, be sure to contact Jeff of All Trades to get the windows you want to help your energy efficiency and keep your home looking beautiful.

By Henry Warner 27 Mar, 2017

Features to Consider for Remodeling a Bathroom

When you want to give your home a new fresh look, one of the best places to start is in your bathroom. The bathroom is somewhere you visit multiple times a day and when it is a warm and inviting place, you love it that much more. Make it your own by adding personal touches to the room and let your style and personality show. By hiring bathroom remodeling companies Somerset County NJ , you can turn your dull bathroom into an inviting and relaxing space. Take a look below at some of the features in your restroom area to remodel and gain a fresh new space.


One of the focal points of your bathroom is the shower or tub area. Having an outdated tub can bring the whole look of the bathroom itself down. You can choose to have a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and beautiful tile throughout. Maybe you prefer a separate shower and tub so that you can enjoy bubble baths after a stressful day at work. There are also beautiful clawfoot tubs that are a perfect accent piece to any bathroom area.


Another aspect to look at when you’re talking with the bathroom remolding companies near me is the lighting in your restroom. You want to be able to see everything while you’re using the room but sometimes lighting can be harsh. There are timer lights that can bring up the lighting slowly so that it is not so harsh for your eyes. It makes it easier to wake up in the mornings as well. You can also tie in the lighting fixtures to whatever theme you have in the room itself. You can choose from finishes such as chrome, nickel-plated, polished, or bronze, just to name a few. They come in a vanity setting as well such as a light bar attached to the mirror.

Paint and Flooring

One other part of your bathroom to consider is the flooring and the color of paint. You can make the whole room look fresh and new with a coat of paint in a lovely color. You can also change the flooring out to a newer tile or laminate that will fit your décor. Painting the room is one way to change up the area if you’re on a tight budget.

No matter what your budget or dream plan is for your bathroom, talking to the local bathroom remodeling companies Somerset County NJ is a great way to get your remodel on the go. Call today to find out what you can do to bring your dream bathroom to reality!

By Henry Warner 19 Feb, 2017

Although we are not yet in a housing boom, last year the number of recorded new homes was the highest for the last ten years, and 2017 promises to be even better. There are new trends emerging; we are likely to see homes adopting smart technologies, houses with softer finishes, smart indoor gardening or even toilets that clean themselves.

Recently a home design site carried a survey where they reported that thirty percent of homeowners are leading healthier lives. This is all due to the renovation of their kitchens and indoor gardening. They reported preparing healthier meals at home and consumption of more fruits and vegetables. Homeowners are adopting indoor gardening, and the trend has been going high tech. Home improvement contractors are helping homeowners achieve this. One high-tech piece of equipment that is trending this year is the urban cultivator, this is an irrigated indoor garden which is climate-controlled. According to the design of this high tech equipment, Bobby Berk, the urban cultivator comes with all the things which are required for hydroponic farming, all that the homeowner will need is water and electricity. A home renovation contractor will install these and the homeowner can start producing their own fruits and vegetables right at home.

Indoor gardening has picked up in so many areas as people are becoming more conscious of their health. People are consuming fruits and vegetables which they have produced on their own, that which has been grown using safe methods. They are into organic foods, vegetables and fruits which have been grown without the use of chemicals. Installing an indoor high tech garden is making this possible, you do not need land, it can be done right in your house. The part of the garage which is not used can be converted into a farm where you install an urban cultivator, using hydroponic farming you will be able to produce your own fruits and vegetables. A home improvement contractor will help you install water and electricity, two components that are required to make this possible.

2017 promises great strides as far as home improvements are concerned, there are emerging trends where homeowners are improving their houses to reduce the consumption of energy , reduce wastage and utilize the extra available space to give them value,. Indoor gardening is one of the activities that homeowners are engaging in, and they are going high tech, where technology is being utilized to give homeowners quality and safe fruits and vegetables.

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