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By Henry Warner 31 Jul, 2017

Kitchens involve many tiny details, more so than other rooms or areas of a house or apartment. Considering this, you should take into account that when you remodel the kitchen, there are a number of things that can make a big difference in how the space will turn out. One of the most important things you’ll need to consider is the cabinets. The right cabinetry will make a huge difference in how the space will turn out in the end so you want to make sure you make the right decision.

Choosing the Material

Even though wood cabinets are still the most popular, they tend to give kitchens an oldie look that might not fit your wishes. If you are trying to find something fresher or newer, don’t close your mind to the idea of wooden cabinets, explore other materials available such as glass and steel or even a combination of materials that will give your kitchen a unique vibe.

Considering the Size of Your Kitchen

The size of your kitchen will be an important factor because you don’t want to choose big cabinets that will take up too much space, looking ridiculous. If you need to save up on space, look at slimmer choices and consider types of doors such as sliding ones that will make access easier if you don’t have the luxury of being able to spread out. You should also consider corner drawers to add on to the available storage space you will end up having. Open shelves are also a good idea and you would only need to pay for the outer case of the cabinet.

Mixing Styles

Don’t think that you must pick just one type of cabinet as a lot of stores now offer mix and match options that will help you put your personal touch into the kitchen design. This might mean adding some solid wood cabinets and some other ones with glass panels, or whatever comes to mind. There’s no limit but your own imagination.

Being Conscious

If you are a person who is environmentally aware, you will be happy to hear there are now a lot of eco-friendly materials available to help you work on your kitchen cabinets while making sure you are helping the environment.

Whenever you have chosen and are ready to get things installed, get in touch with Jeff's Home Improvement . He’s an experienced professional who will help you make sure everything is carried out as it should be, and that your kitchen remodel lives up to your expectations and even exceeds them.

By Henry Warner 26 Jun, 2017

There are many reasons to replace the windows in your home. Whether it is to fix damages, add value, getting the right look, or make your home more energy efficient, replacing your windows can make a huge difference. Even if you think your windows are fine, find out below why you may need to consider replacing them.

Older Windows Are Costing You Money

Windows are not meant to last forever. The typical lifespan for most windows are about 15 to 20 years. Aging windows can create drafts of air leading into, and out of, your house. This could be affecting your utility bill as much as 10%-25%. The comfort level in your home is also affected and puts more strain on your heating and air units to keep your house to the desired level you prefer.

Newer Windows Have More Features

Older windows are usually based off the basic design we are all used to. The cleaning and maintenance are a hassle to deal with for some people. However, the newer designs offer many features that are very appealing to a lot of homeowners. Some designs of newer windows can be cleaned much easier by the window tilting inside. Other windows can be darkened

 Safety Features and Peace of Mind Can Come from Your New Windows

Windows are not just a slab of glass that you can peer outside of or open and let in a nice spring breeze. The newer designs have many safety features that older windows do not possess. Egress windows open large enough for a fireman to pass through if needed. Block windows allows light to enter into the house but does not allow anyone to see into. This makes them perfect for brightening up bathrooms and showers.

Add More Value to Your Home and To Your Way of Life

A home is a huge investment and the value can increase or decrease over time depending on how you maintain and update it. If you plan to live in the house for many years, or if you plan to resell it, one of the best things you can do for your home is to update the windows. The average return on investment runs about 85% when replacing your old windows. Nowadays, windows are more than just glass and wood. They can help you save money, save time on cleaning, and in some cases, help save your life.

 For more information on replacing your current windows, Contact Jeff's Home Improvement now!

By Henry Warner 23 May, 2017

There are many reasons to purchase new flooring. New flooring can add value to your home, make cleaning easier, or give your home a brand-new look. There are many flooring options to choose from and you may already have a flooring picked out in your mind. However, there are a few things you may want to consider before purchasing your new flooring.

How Much Traffic Will Be on the Flooring

Not all flooring is the same. Some flooring is designed to be soft and comfortable, but may not withstand heavy traffic. Other flooring may be easier to clean, but not very ideal for comfort. Although, the flooring may appear to be a perfect match for your tastes, the flooring itself may not hold up to its normal standards in higher traffic areas. Keep in mind that an entrance to your home, the pet's area, or the children's playroom may need a more resilient flooring.

Will You Need to Redecorate?

The are other issues you may need to consider before making that new flooring purchase. The color can make or break one's viewpoint on how pleasant their flooring makes them feel once it is installed. You should consider your current color scheme before purchasing new flooring, unless redecorating is not an issue. Also, the color plays a huge impact on a room in other ways. Lighter flooring can make rooms appear larger, but stains and wear will be much more visible. Whereas, darker flooring may make the room feel more comfortable, but will show dust and/or pet hair much more than lighter colors.

Does Anyone in Your Household have allergies?

Allergies can have a major impact on a person's health, especially if their home flooring is holding dust mites and harmful allergens. A hard surface flooring can help eliminate some of these issues. If someone in your household has allergies, but you aren't fond of hard surfaced flooring, you can easily place soft rugs in areas you would want a cozier feel.

How Much Care Will Your New Flooring Need?

Each type of flooring has its own specific procedures for cleaning and cleaning times vary depending on the type of flooring. The time it takes to care for your new flooring should be taken into consideration before purchasing, as some flooring may require extensive cleaning, such as steaming or shampooing.

So, whether it is to add value, convenience, or beauty to your home just Contact Jeff of All Trades to help you find the perfect flooring for you!

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